Victim to WINNER Academy

We are the WINNER tribe!

Is it going to happen overnight? It’s not. But it will happen when you commit and we need to get started!

Victim to WINNER Academy is a premium level investment into your future.

Dream – Goal – Action – Reality

What will YOU get on your journey from a victim to a WINNER?

  • 6 months support from me as your WINNER coach.
  • Taylored 1-on-1 monthly sessions with me for goal setting, tracking success, keeping you accountable and addressing questions and resistant points.
  • Access to 6 Winner Academy modules.
  • Weekly group coaching sessions.
  • Premium guest experts to add value and support.
  • Dedicated Facebook group for support and questions.

6 monthly instalments
€ 650

On-off payment
€ 3500

1-1 intensive WINNER Coaching

  • Fast track to winning
  • 6-month intensive bespoke coaching
  • 24 weekly tailored 45-minute calls

6 monthly instalments
€ 900

On-off payment
€ 5000

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