Dear Comfort Zone,

I know you’ve been trying to protect me from disappointments. I thank you for that. However, by staying in there with you I also miss out on spiritual, mental, physical and business growth; the real joy in my heart, connection with others on a soul level and most important of all, I miss out on LOVE. I have therefore taken the huge step and left you, the famous Comfort Zone. If you really want to protect me, please keep that door firmly closed. There will be a time, several in fact, when I will come to your door knocking or when in despair, begging. Your task, dear Comfort Zone, is to keep that door double locked to allow me to experience life in all its’ colors, to grow and to feel like a winner in my life.

In fact, please keep that door closed for all human beings to allow humanity rise!

Thank you Comfort Zone. Your messages will be directed to a Spam box.

Love, Laura

Launching of Victim to Winner Coaching with Laura Deletant And Victim to Winner Academy

It is one of the most exciting days of my life – the opening of Victim to WINNER Coaching with Laura Deletant and Victim to Winner Academy. It is my mission and passion in life to help as many women as possible to pull themselves out of victim mentality to become WINNERS in life and business. The calling for this work comes from my soul, that’s how important it is for me. I am at the service of those amazing, courageous women who are ready to leave victim mentality and become WINNERS!

My lovely friends as well as colleagues from my other job, at the European Space Agency, have been extremely supportive and have been cheering me on my journey of following my soul’s calling and opening my Victim to Winner Coaching. This journey has additionally brought me a huge blessing of a big circle of existing and aspiring female entrepreneurs.

I am immensely grateful for each one of them. The support we share is phenomenal. My extraordinary coaches Michelle Stonhill and Joanna Ellis have both played a crucial role in helping me to find my calling, and providing me with holistic tools and advice in building a soul-centered online coaching business. And then there is Tony Robbins! Me attending to his life-changing seminars Unleash The Power Within and Date with Destiny was the force above all pulling towards finding my truth and purpose in life.

Finally and very importantly, I want to thank my friend, Graphic Designer and Photographer, Dauna Kraag, for designing this beautiful website.

Let this WINNER journey begin ladies!

Pre-launch of The Book

It’s been butterflies in the belly kind of exciting day! Our book The Secret Diaries of a Female Entrepreneur is pre-launching in Amazon worldwide and the Kindle edition is offered for a special price for a few hours. We, 20 female entrepreneurs, have poured our heart and soul into this book. It’s real and honest and it’s, well, The Secret Diaries of a Female Entrepreneur! We are all first-time authors so it’s new and exciting for everyone. We have been promoting our baby intensively and were featured in the prestigious THRIVE GLOBAL which was founded by Arianna Huffington from the Huffington Post. Within hours we have attained the Amazon #1 Best Seller status in 3 categories! As we live all around the world the celebrations and Champagne popping were done virtually. We are planning an actual event on the launch day 7 June 2019 to gather as many of us as possible to celebrate the launching of our book, victory, female entrepreneurship, and soul-centered businesses.

Writing my chapter for the book has been such a liberating as well as slightly terrifying experience. It truly reveals my actual, genuine story from victim to a WINNER.

Hereby a link to the article in THRIVE GLOBAL: