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3rd Jun 2019

Dear Comfort Zone,

I know you’ve been trying to protect me from disappointments. I thank you for that. However, by staying in there with you I also miss out on spiritual, mental, physical and business growth; the real joy in my heart, connection with others on a soul level and most important of all, I miss out on […]

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30th Apr 2019

Launching of Victim to Winner Coaching with Laura Deletant And Victim to Winner Academy

Birth right to be a winner

It is one of the most exciting days of my life – the opening of Victim to WINNER Coaching with Laura Deletant and Victim to Winner Academy. It is my mission and passion in life to help as many women as possible to pull themselves out of victim mentality to become WINNERS in life and […]

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5th Apr 2019

Pre-launch of The Book

Amazon bestseller book

It’s been butterflies in the belly kind of exciting day! Our book The Secret Diaries of a Female Entrepreneur is pre-launching in Amazon worldwide and the Kindle edition is offered for a special price for a few hours. We, 20 female entrepreneurs, have poured our heart and soul into this book. It’s real and honest […]

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