Dear Comfort Zone,

I know you’ve been trying to protect me from disappointments. I thank you for that. However, by staying in there with you I also miss out on spiritual, mental, physical and business growth; the real joy in my heart, connection with others on a soul level and most important of all, I miss out on LOVE. I have therefore taken the huge step and left you, the famous Comfort Zone. If you really want to protect me, please keep that door firmly closed. There will be a time, several in fact, when I will come to your door knocking or when in despair, begging. Your task, dear Comfort Zone, is to keep that door double locked to allow me to experience life in all its’ colors, to grow and to feel like a winner in my life.

In fact, please keep that door closed for all human beings to allow humanity rise!

Thank you Comfort Zone. Your messages will be directed to a Spam box.

Love, Laura