Winner Attitude

Do you want to become a WINNER in life and business? It is possible for YOU!

Victim to WINNER Coaching with Laura Deletant – Certified NLP Practitioner / MBA / Founder of Victim to Winner Academy / Amazon #1 Best Selling Author

Hello WINNER lady!

My name is Laura Deletant and I am committed to helping women to pull themselves out of victim mentality to become WINNERS in life and business.  I grew up in an environment where abusive behavior was regarded as normal.  I lived in victimhood for decades until I realized that it is a choice and started taking resolute steps towards winner mentality. While any abuse is wrong, it is our choice and responsibility as adult women to free ourselves from a victim mentality and start living a full life.

I want to help you to become a winner too!


Because I believe you have a beautiful gift inside you hidden. And I know how it is to feel like being a hostage of fear and anger and victimhood and looking around and feeling like everyone else has gotten somewhere and that they are so lucky. There is no such thing as luck. It’s up to us to make it happen.

What if YOU are the ‘lucky’ one? Imagine taking all those bad experiences and turning them into tremendous power!

I will hold your hand and coach you step by step to freedom and as a consequence living like a WINNER. What is required from you WINNER lady?

‘It’s scary, I will do it regardless’ kind of attitude -> WINNER ATTITUDE.

I PROMISE that the other side of repressed anger and fear is a place of freedom! And we will take the journey together.


Step by step process.

The first steps is to get completely honest with yourself and then own your life and story 100%. It is a huge step and WORTH it! Think it as trudging through thick heavy snow. Along the steps, our journey, the trudging in snow becomes walking on a sinking wet forest floor and eventually dancing on the beach bare foot feeling joy, truth and fun in our hearts.

Connection to Universal Truth. Universe is our friend when we follow our truth, do the right thing and live our truth & purpose.  

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